Saturday, December 10, 2011

I found a cool site about people who are way too into punkin chunkin.  They  make  all  kinds of things that will throw a pumpkin super far. At the end of each year they have a huge contest to see who can make the best contraption to throw a pumpkin the farthest. They are crazy about their chunkers 
Hope you like this site. Have fun!
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Hurricane Henry

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Henry's Book Report

Henry's Book Report

    The Whipping Boy is a fiction book that took place in the forest and a kingdom during the Renaissance. 
    The main characters in The Whipping Boy were Prince Brat, who earned his name by the way he acted, and Jemmy, a boy who got whipped when the prince was bad because it was illegal to whip the prince. Other important characters were Cutwater and Hold-your-nose-Billy, who were robbers known as highwaymen.
    In this book, Jemmy and the Prince run away but get abducted by some highwaymen. Then, when they get away, they run out of the forest. When the highwaymen try to find them, the boys hide in the sewers. In the sewers, there are lots of huge rats that attack Hold-your-nose-Billy and Cutwater. I thought that part was funny.
    I also thought this book, The Whipping Boy, had nice illustrations and  had a cool plot that made me want to keep reading it. I learned some new things about the Renaissance period, about how people were always dirty, and how you could never get a higher place in society than the one you were born in. I’m glad I don’t live in that time.                                                   
    I think this book was a nice short read that made me want to read more books.

Monday, October 17, 2011


At this awesome game site you can play all sorts of games like Lego Harry Potter and many more cool games.

Also at, you look for games in lots ways like you can just type in the name of a game at the sites search bar, or  if you were looking for a new game, you could just look in the what's new part on the side of the home page.

I think this is a super cool Lego site that's perfect for most people who like Lego games.

Have fun at this site :)